Direct Business Network Website

The Direct Business Website is a website dedicated to allowing businesses to find each other quickly and easily. In an age where websites are focused on primarily on the average consumer Netbiz Enterprises discerned the need for a website to allow business owners to directly contact other business owners who can provide the services they need. Here at Netbiz we know how important that is because we are frequently calling upon other businesses to help us with our business. That can be time consuming and frustrating. Time is money! The Direct Business Network is a site optimised for business people needing services of other business people. This site is not an advertising site, we directly link to the relevant site. So don't waste your time leafing through various old fashioned hard copy directories, or rely on the miniscule information found on so many online directory sites, bookmark the Direct Business Website(link to set as favourite) and save yourself time, frustration, and money.

Shepparton Window Tinting, trust only GV Window Tinting

Throughout the Shepparton area in regional Victoria, there is a large town feel in a small town area. However, this leads to rogues in every industry and taking advantage of the country folk’s trusting nature. In the window tinting industry there really is only one trusted source in the Shepparton area; GV Window Tinting.

GV Window Tinting are specialists in supplying and installing quality window tinting products not only for vehicles of any shape or model, but also for all residential, commercial and industrial buildings who may require tailored tinting products for all security, heat, wind, or storm rating. Specialising in advice, supply and installation of frosted films and security films, there is nothing that GV Window Tinting cant provide the best service on.

Throughout the Shepparton area in Victoria, there is no substitute for quality. Contact GV Window Tinting today to talk about your tinting needs…

Drive Safe, Drive Far….

With the ever increasing amount of traffic on the road learning good driving skills is very important. My daily drives to work are enough to convince me that too many people may have a driving license but not much driving sense. Too often getting on the road is simply about getting a license rather than about learning how to drive safely and well. For a full list of services provided by Force 1 check out their website at

Force 1 Driving School offers a service that involves much more than getting a license. Peter Bruinhout is the force behind Force 1 and has a formidable history to back up his claims of being (more…)

Angels Aloft on The Gold Coast

If your looking to add something spectacular to your celebration or corporate event than the angels are ready to thrill yourself and your guests with stunning acrobatics and visual effects. Merging the best of modern entertainment technology with highly skilled artisans Aerial Angels puts on a spectacular show that will leave the audience gasping for more. Their highly talented team can put together special stage shows for your audience and setting.

As their testimonials pages evidences, Aerial Angels have provided outstanding entertainment on the Gold Coast (more…)